Since 1939, the Santa Fe Animal Shelter has been dedicated to its mission to reduce animal suffering by curbing overpopulation, teaching compassion and supporting healthy relationships between people and animals.

The Shelter focuses on spay/neuter programs to control overpopulation, creative adoption efforts to bring pets to loving families and providing support for marginalized animals. We target our programs to serve the neighborhoods and communities where animals are most at risk.

Before the Shelter was founded, stray dogs were shot and dumped at the edge of town. Today, Santa Fe is home to one of the most progressive and successful shelters in the nation.

Thanks to a partnership with the City of Santa Fe and the Bureau of Land Management, the main Shelter is housed on a 100-acre campus with hiking trails and plenty of room to walk dogs.

The Robin Sommers Animal Admission and Care Center houses stray and abandoned animals. High-tech ventilation systems allow us to better control the spread of contagious diseases and to safely treat the animals in our care much more effectively.

The Lapides Adoption Center serves animals ready to find their forever families. The Shelter is designed for the health and comfort of the animals.

The Clare Eddy Thaw Animal Hospital houses both our shelter clinic and our public animal hospital. We are currently open to the public Tuesday through Saturday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. We offer quality, veterinary care to the general public at competitive prices; we offer a sliding scale for income-qualified patients.

The Roddey Burdine Rehabilitation Center, located in back of the main buildings, offers traumatized animals a chance to learn to trust and build confidence. The center also serves as a home for our Behavior and Training team and where we offer Puppy and Training Classes.

Come visit any of our facilities to see how Santa Fe cares for its animals. A large community dog park and several solo dog parks are open to the public at the Caja del Rio location. The Shelter is not just a place to adopt an animal or find a missing one but a place to visit over and over again. This is your Shelter, built by our community – a place to find joy with the animals.

Your Shelter on video:

To view videos of the Shelter and adoptable dogs, cats and other animals, visit our Vimeo Channel.