Since 1939, the Santa Fe Animal Shelter has been dedicated to its mission: support animals, save lives, spread compassion.

We are northern New Mexico’s only open-admission, no-kill shelter.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our federal tax ID # is 85-6000484.

The Shelter focuses on spay/neuter programs to control overpopulation, creative adoption efforts to bring pets to loving families and dozens of programs providing support for marginalized animals.

Thanks to a partnership with the City of Santa Fe and the Bureau of Land Management, the main Shelter is housed on a 100-acre campus with hiking trails and plenty of room to walk dogs.

Come visit our facilities to see how Santa Fe cares for its animals.  The Shelter is not just a place to adopt an animal or find a missing one but a place to visit over and over again. This is your Shelter, built by our community – a place to find joy with the animals.

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