Purchase a Pet License

In order to buy your pet’s license on line you will need to have the following handy:

  • your pet’s Proof of Vaccination certificate (if available) and
  • any Proof of Sterilization certificate, if your pet is not yet in our system
  • a valid credit card or PayPal account

You must know if you live in Santa Fe City or Santa Fe County. If you are unsure, please call us at (505) 983-4309.

Licensing Fees

Licensing fees depend on a number of things and are shown here. Once you successfully complete our form below we will calculate the applicable fee for you.

City of Santa Fe residents

Altered animals – $10 per year
Unaltered animals – $50 per year
Terms: 1-, 2- or 3-year licenses
50% Discount for seniors (65 years of age or older) on Altered animals

Santa Fe County residents

Altered dogs – $10 per year
Unaltered dogs – $25 per year
Terms: 1-year licenses only
No discounts for seniors
Cats don’t need to be licensed.

Processing and Handling Fee

Please note that we will add a $1.00 fee to all online applications to cover our processing and handling costs.

Application Form

Please complete the following form to purchase any needed pet’s license.  After clicking on the Make a Payment button you will be shown the amount due and presented with a PayPal screen to complete your purchase. If a license isn’t required we will tell you that too.

Please tell us what kind of license you would like:

From the City of Santa Fe or from Santa Fe County?

For an altered (spayed or neutered) pet?

For City dwellers only; how many years would you like the license for?

Now please tell us something about yourself. (If you are not the pet owner please enter the pet owner's information.)

For City dwellers only; are you a Senior?

Your First Name (required)

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Almost there, we will need details of your pet:

Your Pet's Name (required)

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Breed (optional)

Color (required)

Sex (required)

Last steps...

Please choose how you would like to share your pet's Vaccination Certificate information (required)
I have already filed the certificate with the shelter.I will supply details from the certificate.I will upload a copy of the certificate.

Please check the details on your pet's Vaccination Certificate and enter them here.

Rabies Tag Number (if available)

Rabies Vaccination Date (required)

Next Rabies Vaccination Due Date (required)

Name of the Veterinarian or Clinic where vaccinated (required)

Vaccine Producer/Manufacturer (required)

Vaccine Serial/Lot Number (required)

As you chose to upload a copy of your pet's Vaccination Certificate please do so now. Upload file types can be either pdf, jpg, jpeg, gif or png and must be smaller than 2MB.

Optionally, if your pet is new to the shelter please upload your pet's Proof of Sterilization Certificate. Upload file types can be either pdf, jpg, jpeg, gif or png and must be smaller than 2MB.

Would you like to make a donation and add it to your payment?

How much would you like to donate?

To make your payment please click on the Make a Payment button which will
a) send your application details to the shelter,
b) show the amount due, if any, and then
c) transfer you to our PayPal payment system. (Credit cards and PayPal accounts accepted)

Are you ready? Then: