Our New Hope program truly offers a second chance to so many wonderful animals. This unique program helps find temporary and long-term homes for animals that might need extra time before finding a forever home. This four-part program encompasses foster, barn cat, transfer and rescue.

Foster Families

Foster care plays a prominent role in our ability to save more animals’ lives. Fosters provide the shelter with temporary homes for animals that aren’t quite ready; animals that need extra time and attention to help them thrive and become more adoptable. Additionally, it frees up limited shelter space, allowing more animals a chance at finding their forever homes.

We need fosters for a variety of reasons: Nursing mothers and their litters, bottle feeders, underage/elderly animals, and animals with medical/behavioral issues. The time in foster care varies from animal to animal, ranging anywhere from overnight to several months.

For more information or to become a Shelter Foster Family, call 983-4309 x1270 or e-mail newhope@sfhumanesociety.org.

To fill out an application to become a foster parent, please click Foster Application.

Studio Cat Adoption Program

Do you have a studio or a business? Are you in need of a muse; Or perhaps an adorable, furry business partner? You’re in luck! The Santa Fe Animal Shelter has a number of wonderful cats willing to fill the position.

These willing candidates are non-feral cats that have been otherwise overlooked at the shelter; whether it’s due to age, temperament, or other factors.  All cats are vaccinated, spayed/neutered, and microchipped.

Interested parties should understand there are some basic care/housing guidelines they must agree to before obtaining a studio cat:

  • These cats must be fed daily and have access to fresh water and a litter box at all times.
  • Access to toys, scratchers, or other mentally stimulating items.
  • These cats may prefer to be indoor only. However, in the case that they will be indoor/outdoor, they must be kept enclosed for two to three weeks to adjust to their new surroundings.
  • You will need to bring a carrier for transportation purposes.

Outdoor Dog Adoption Program

It takes a special person to appreciate a dog that won’t hop on the couch and cuddle. But the rewards of giving an outdoor dog a good life are great.
Dogs in the program are typically over a year old and are strictly non-feral dogs. These dogs are fine with people; they are just happier being outside. They may have little to no experience being indoors, have little experience with leashes or commands, and/or may be shy or stressed when placed in a kennel.

Things to keep in mind when considering whether to adopt an Outdoor Dog:

  • They must have protection from the elements – shade in hot weather, warmth in cold weather and clean, safe housing.
  • They must be fed daily and have access to fresh water at all times.
  • Have access to toys, puzzles or other mentally stimulating items.
  • Access to veterinary care.
  • Provide a fenced area with plenty of room. Have the fence be the appropriate height for the size of the dog.
  • Outdoor dogs cannot be placed with owners who have unaltered dogs on their property.
  • Do not: tether/attach the dog to a run line; contain the dog with an invisible or electric fence; use a pinch or electric collar.

Remember: once you have adopted an Outdoor dog from the shelter, we can no longer be held responsible for any medical, behavior, and/or any other issues that may occur.

Shop Cat Foster Program

A number of wonderful cats have been in the Santa Fe Animal Shelter far too long. Why not choose one to be your “Shop Cat”! Shop Cats are great ambassadors for business. They help create a welcoming atmosphere and foster good customer — and community — relations. All cats have been spayed/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. We will provide supplies and veterinary care for your Shop Cat.

Hounds Around Town

Some people just don’t have the time or opportunity to visit the Shelter on Caja del Rio Road. Now you can help bring our fabulous dogs to the public by day fostering through “Hounds Around Town.” Head out to the Plaza or another populated place around town and enjoy a walk together. The dog you take out will have some time away from the Shelter. And who knows; maybe your buddy will find a home in the process!


Through the New Hope Program, we strive to build relationships with our local and national rescue organizations and seek out other animal organizations who are interested in partnering with our Shelter.

Rescues provide a second chance to animals that may not otherwise have one in a shelter; this typically includes purebreds, animals with behavioral issues and elderly/hospice animals.

Collaborating with other animal organizations allows us the opportunity to not only transfer animals out but also have them transferred in. This is beneficial to both organizations, as it not only provides much-needed relief regarding space restrictions and overpopulation but can also provide more animal/breed diversity.

For more information on the New Hope program or any of its lifesaving services, please call 983-4309 x1270 or email newhope@sfhumanesociety.org.