Our New Hope program truly offers a second chance to so many wonderful animals. This unique program helps find temporary and long-term homes for shelter animals that might need extra time before finding a forever home, or just a safe, kind place to spend their last days.

Foster Families

Foster care plays a prominent role in our ability to save more animals’ lives. Fosters provide the shelter with temporary homes for animals that aren’t quite ready; animals that need extra time and attention to help them thrive and become more adoptable. Fosters may also provide hospice care to shelter animals that have a limited time left due to advanced age or medical issues.  This frees up limited shelter space, allowing more animals a chance at finding their forever homes.

We need fosters for a variety of reasons: Nursing mothers and their litters, bottle feeders, underage/elderly animals, and animals with medical/behavioral issues. The time in foster care varies from animal to animal, ranging anywhere from overnight to the rest of their lives.

For more information or to become a Shelter Foster Family, call 505.983.4309 x1270 or email newhope@sfhumanesociety.org.

To fill out an application to become a foster parent, please click Foster Application.

Adoption Ambassadors

The Adoption Ambassador program allow fosters to take home any animal that is available for adoption and adopt them from their home. As an Adoption Ambassador you will act as the animals foster as well as their adoption counselor and more. After you go though the foster and Adoption Ambassador training you will be all set to go. If you may be interested in this program, please contact the New Hope Department to get started.  newhope@sfhumanesociety.org or 505.983.4309 x1270.