Report Cruelty

The Santa Fe Animal Shelter partners with the city and county

The Santa Fe Animal Shelter is a private non-profit. We contract with the city and county of Santa Fe to shelter animals brought in by their animal services programs. With these municipal agencies handling legal and jurisdictional issues, it allows us to focus our efforts on providing a caring, safe sheltering experience for these animals. This includes caring for animals brought to us as victims of abuse, cruelty and/or neglect.

How to report neglect and/or abuse

City Animal Services

City of Santa Fe Animal Services is a division of the Santa Fe Police Department. To report cruelty or abuse, call 955-2700. To report barking or noise complaints, call 955-2701.

County Animal Control

Santa Fe County Animal Control is a division of the Santa Fe SherriffÂ’s Department. To report cruelty, abuse, barking, or noise complaints, call 428-3720.

Animal Protection New Mexico operates a toll-free statewide hot line for reporting extreme cruelty to animals. The number is 1-877-5-HUMANE (1-877-548-6263).