All our animals are special, but sometimes we have people who want to help give homeless animals a paw up – so businesses and individuals sponsor the animals through their daily upkeep or their adoption fee. Meet November’s Williowsponsored animal, whose adoption fees are waived through the month thanks to our friends at Back Road Pizza​:

We are told that Willow, a medium-sized, black Labrador retriever mix, is 9 years old. We can’t believe that and neither will you once you meet her. She is soft, gentle, wiggly, playful, spunky … need we go on? She enjoys going for a walk and crawling into your lap. Our behavior department notes that she is still trying to find her playmates as she has been getting overwhelmed in our playgroups, so at this point we think she would do best in a single dog home. We know that will make it harder to find a home, but we think there is a home for her here in Santa Fe.

If you’re interested in learning about sponsoring an animal, call our Adoption Desk at 983-4309 ext. 610. For more information, click here.