Bring Joy to Your World with reduced adoption fees

The adoption fee on all adult animals at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter have been reduced to $25 during December.

The promotion, dubbed Bring Joy to Your World, is being sponsored by Best Friends Animal Society and Hallmark. The reduced adoption fee covers all adult animals 5 months and older, but doesn’t include puppies, kittens or Shelter Heroes – purebreds and other highly sought animals. The shelter, however, is offering reduced adoption rates on many of those animals.

“The holidays are a great time to bring home a dog or cat,” Dylan Moore, the shelter’s director of adoptions, said. “Nothing says love more than a wonderful animal companion.”

The holiday promotion is being held in shelters and rescue groups throughout the nation as part of a marketing campaign with Best Friends Animal Society. The Utah-based nonprofit aims to boost adoptions of shelter and rescue animals by showcasing shelter animals and reducing adoption fees.

For more information, call the shelter at 983-4309, ext. 610 or view adoptable animals on the shelter’s adoption webpage.