The Santa Fe Animal Shelter accepts all companion animals no matter their circumstances from the city and county of Santa Fe.  Animals from outside our service area are taken in on a case-by-case basis.  Looking for a lost pet?  Click here.

Giving up your own pet:

The Santa Fe Animal Shelter wants to save as many lives as possible. We believe the best place for a companion animal is in their home. We understand, however, that there are times when the human/animal bond breaks or circumstances change and a guardian must relinquish a pet.

We do everything possible within our means to accommodate the acceptance of pets based on both parties’ needs, however, our resources determine when and how many animals we can accept. If you need to surrender your pet, please first call us to discuss the relinquishing process with an Admissions Counselor at 505-983-4309 extension 1606.

Also,  please consider the following: A health examination, behavior assessment, and/or history review will determine if your pet is suited for our adoption program. To offset the cost of this evaluation, we ask that you consider a suggested donation of $50 when you relinquish your pet.  It is not required but is appreciated if you are able.

Under our managed-admissions program, guardian-relinquished animals are accepted by appointment only unless there is an urgent situation. For questions, call our Admissions staff at 505-983-4309 extension 1606.

The Santa Fe Animal Shelter is currently at capacity levels and working under a waitlist for surrendered animals. 

Want to try and rehome your pet yourself?  Consider this online matchmaking service.

Bringing in a stray animal:

We ask that people who find a stray animal to call City Animal Services or County Animal Control from home first at 505-428-3720.  If you want to bring them in, you will be directed to the Animal Services Office, located in the Admissions Building.  Animal Services is open M-F 8 am to 5 pm. We will also call an Animal Services Officer on weekends to accept a stray animal.

Santa Fe city and county animal services divisions contract with the Santa Fe Animal Shelter and will intake lost or stray animals at no cost. For more information on these taxpayer-supported services, please call city animal services at 505-955-2701 or county animal control at 505-992-1626.

What if I need to return my adopted pet?

Our adoptions are satisfaction guaranteed. If you adopt an animal from the Santa Fe Animal Shelter and discover that you are not compatible for any reason, you may return the companion animal, but we do require you to call us first and make an appointment to bring them in. Please call us at 505-983-4309 extension 1606. We may suggest a donation toward their care if the animal is returned more than 30 days after adoption.