Community Service

We welcome all individuals needing to perform service to their community and we are happy you have chosen our Shelter for serving your hours. Tasks in this program are foundational, meaning they are a groundwork for the life-saving work we do at SFAS everyday. CS volunteers do not earn credit for fostering or hands-on work with our animals, but help the staff by completing work that allows them continue their focus on direct animal care. 

Community Service

Applicants seeking volunteer hours for school, a religious organization or other agency can meet their requirement with SFAS. Download the Community Service Application and the Log Sheet to verify your hours. Please read the application entirely, making sure to fill out all required information. *Note: Youth aged less than 18 years must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all times while performing work in the Shelter. If you have further questions, contact

Court-Ordered Community Service

The Santa Fe Animal Shelter welcomes volunteers who are required by a court to complete community service. However, we will not accept individuals convicted of any violent crime toward people, animals or any felony drug offenses. Download the Court Ordered Application. Please read the application in its entirety. After submission to the Admissions building, it may take the Coordinator up to four days to review and approve your signed copy. If you have further questions, contact


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