Wooftrax FAQs

Dogtoberfest Virtual Walk Challenge Wooftrax FAQs

What is WoofTrax?
It’s a free activity-mapping social media app that allows you to track and share your Dogtoberfest walks and runs.  You can continue to use it after Dogtoberfest to log your runs and raise money for your hometown shelter.

How do I sign up for WoofTrax?
Go to wooftrax.com, download the free app onto your smartphone, follow the instructions and choose “Santa Fe Animal Shelter” as the charity of your choice.

What if I don’t have a dog? Can I still use the app?
Absolutely! You can walk for dogs at a shelter or rescue by choosing the “Walk for Cassie” option after enrolling in the app for the first time. Or, create your dream dog as a walking companion by adding a dog.

Does the app use any data on my phone?
The app does not use any data during a walk and only uses a small amount of data at the end of the walk to credit it to your selected organization. If you are on Wi-Fi at the end of your walk, it will not use any cellular data at all.

Is using the GPS on the app using my data plan?
GPS as a technology does not use any data, and the WoofTrax app works without data. Once a user’s phone is back in range of Wi-Fi or a cell signal, the app (on next use) will upload the previous walks to our systems. 

I have a technical question about the app. Who should I contact?
First, make sure that you are using the most recent version of the app. Updating to the most recent version will solve most issues. If you are still having trouble, email support@wooftrax.com with the make and model of your phone and the email address you used to register the app.

Can I walk on a treadmill, or use a stationary bike?
The WoofTrax app is designed for walking outdoors and uses GPS to track your walks. It won’t show miles if you are walking indoors on a treadmill—in order to show a walk, you need to be changing location while outside.

Do I have to share my walks?
Sharing is optional but you will need to share your walks in order to qualify for some of the Dogtoberfest prize categories – Most Miles Walked, Most Walks Taken, etc. At the end of each walk/run, simply click the share option (blue icon to right of walk/run in your history tab), choose the email option, and email to dogwalk@sfhumanesociety.org.  We also encourage you to share your walk or run on Facebook or Instagram so that your friends and family can see it and be motivated to join in or sponsor you

To ensure accurate walk tracking make sure you are using the latest version of the app, and be sure that you see 2 – 3 GPS bars on the Walk screen before you start your walk.

If you have additional questions about tracking your walk, please email us at dogwalk@sfhumanesociety.com.