Arrived 2/2021 •  ADOPTED 8/26/21

What a delight Buster is! He is very house trained as far as we can tell. He loves his walks and is very focused on taking it all in – he likes to discover what a yard has to tell him. He’s very smart and quickly learns new routines and knows how to sit for treats. He can be around other dogs as long as they do not get too close. Busters does need to be the king of the castle but would make a great family dog. Oh, and Buster says “no” to kitties in the house.




Arrived 12/2020

Princess is such a unique spirit! She is an older gal who knows what she wants in life and that may simply be just meeting her favorite person (or family) who can give her all of their attention. She is sweet and loves people, but has to be the only dog in your life. She loves long walks on the beach (or trail or path) and walks well on harness. She is treat-motivated (which will help with training!) and already knows how to sit on command. Princess really wants a job to do! She is smart and motivated to learn. (Age: 6 years)



Arrived 12/2020

Shenzi arrived as a stray to the shelter.  As a heeler mix, she has a lot of energy and is super intelligent. She will need some extra patience as she grows into herself and gets a little more focused.  If you have another dog, please bring for a meet and greet before welcoming Shenzi into your family.  She’s an outstanding jumper and climber, so she’ll need a fence higher than 6 feet to contain this little ball of energy.  She’s getting lots of love, enrichment, and training in our Roddy’s Rehab area, and she works hard for belly rubs! (Age: 1 year, 10 months)



Arrived 3/2021

Rosco is the KING of fetch!  He’ll get the ball again, and again, and again, and he’ll probably get the morning paper and your slippers and lost car keys while he’s at it.  He is a bundle of love who is in desperate need of getting out of the shelter and into an enriching and energetic environment. The shelter makes him anxious which causes him to be higher energy and a bit of a spaz when he exits the kennel. Once he is out of the building he is very loose/wiggly and enjoys the fresh air. He does need a few extra walks to shed a few pounds. He sure is getting spoiled here. (Age: 7 years)



Arrived 12/2020

Onyx is one smart girl who is doing superb at learning new behaviors thanks to our amazing Rehab Team.  Sometimes it’s tough to be so smart (like many German Shepherds are) as we tend not to use this breed for what they were bred for – so they can get bored and anxious.  With time, patience, enrichment, and enough delicious treats, Onyx can learn to use her smarts in positive ways!  She is destined to be a loyal and dependable family member in a loving home.  (Age: 1 year, 10 months)



Arrived 2/2021

Dash responds well to training and is loose and wiggly with the people he knows.  He gets super excited about the best part of his day – his walks.  Dash really doesn’t enjoy the shelter environment and is a dog who truly wants to bond with a person or family.  Dash needs a little extra help currently so he resides up in our Roddy’s Rehab center. (Age: 4 years)



Arrived 2/2021 • ADOPTED 8/29/21

While MayMay is very confident in her kennel with strangers, this gal needs some special TLC when it is just her. May May doesn’t have the greatest confidence and seems a bit codependent on other dogs.. Once she gets to know you she is a ball of energy and absolutely loves to run and play.




Arrived 3/2021 • ADOPTED 9/9/21

One dog-walking volunteer commented, “He’s SO ready to shine.” Rudolph loves to run, get neck scratches and play, and he also sits for treats. He came to SFAS as a stray and is eager and ready to learn and walks great on a leash.  His youth and his treat motivation are excellent training tools, and his size, happy nature and energy would make him a great running, biking or hiking partner. (Age: 1 year, 7 months)


Nick Fury

Arrived 7/2021 

Nick Fury is a handsome yet spicy 8-pound, 2-year-old domestic long-haired male cat who came to SFAS as a transfer from another shelter. Here at the shelter, Nick Fury has settled into life here and is building the ultimate team of cats to battle intergalactic enemies, and drinking coffee. During his stay with us Nick Fury has been an energetic playful cat at the shelter so one of our volunteers brought us in some catnip from their garden and Nick LOVES it! 


Bun Bun

Arrived 4/2021

Bun Bun is a beautiful tri-color short hair, six pound rabbit.  He is a little shy until he gets to know you (like most rabbits).  He’s litter trained and likes to be handled.  (Age: 2.5 years)