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Thank you for Driving Change for animals in need! You’re supporting homeless animals at Santa Fe Animal Shelter. Because of you, vital programs, staff and volunteers, will continue to care for thousands of animals in need.

Let the fun begin! Your pet’s portrait will be the artist’s interpretation and vision of what they see in combination with the information and photos you provide. You will be required to submit at least 2 photos of your pet for the artists to work from.

Ready to get started? Visit our submission form to answer some quick questions and to submit your pet’s photos.

You will be notified when your pet’s portrait is finished and up on display at pop up venues in Santa Fe during September and October. Then it’s time to get excited in November – you’ll be contacted to pick up your portrait from the Shelter or by mail. 

Need help? Reach out to Gina at for assistance.

Thank you for supporting animals, saving lives, and spreading compassion