Experience the Shelter

Many groups, families and individuals would like to experience volunteer activities at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter, but can’t commit to a longer time period or training classes. Experience the Shelter, a “hands-on” opportunity, offers people a unique behind-the scenes look at animal sheltering. Here’s more about the program:

Time frame: 2-to-4 hours

Possible activities:

• Making pup-sicles for dog treats
• Filling Kongs for enriching dogs in kennels
• Cutting hotdogs for the Behavior team
• Sweeping or mopping the lobby
• Assisting Animal Care Staff with laundry or dishes
• Preparing adoption packets
• Spending time assisting a Behavior, Adoptions or Admissions staff member
• Animal interaction: Depending on experience and comfort and under the
guidance of the adoption staff, Counselors will bring a dog or cat of their choice
to interact in a kennel, colony room or a visiting room
• Other Volunteer activities as applicable
• Longer sessions may include a brief tour


• One-week advance notice for scheduling
• One adult per five children (up to 15 years)
• Must be willing to arrive at a specific time and stay a minimum of two hours.

Please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at (505) 983-4309, ext. 1128 or
volunteer@sfhumanesociety.org for more information or to book a time.

Groups with more than 5 children may be able to arrange a Shelter tour and project
with our Humane Educators. Please call Coordinator Tom Alexander at (505) 988-8980
or email humaneeducation@sfhumanesociety.org


Also show information for:

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