Gypsy: Looking for a home

Emily and Hayden are fostering Gypsy and Frankie. Here are a few pictures, alongside a bit about Gypsy’s story, from Emily: Gypsy1Gypsy grew up outside with barely any human contact, which makes her fear people. Here she is on her first day of fostering three months ago, cowering on the couch.

Gypsy2Fellow shelter dog Frankie tries to wrestle Gypsy as she tries not to have her photo taken. Since arriving about six weeks ago, Frankie has been Gypsy’s stalwart companion and has taught her the essentials of being a dog. She now performs a happy dance in the morning when the alarm goes off, knowing a walk and breakfast is soon to come.

Gypsy3Gypsy’s among the fastest and most playful dogs at the dog park. We’ve come to look at her tail positioning as a gauge for her excitement.

Gypsy4To keep her happy and exercised, she had to get used to the car. Now she loves it.

Gypsy5At the end of the day, Gypsy just needs a loving, patient home with a good backyard and someone to feed her snacks.

To learn more about Gypsy or arrange to meet her, please call our Adoptions Desk at 505-983-4309, ext. 610, or email our New Hope coordinator at