Online Training Class – Puppy Life Skills🐾🦴

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Puppies should be 2 to 5 months old when they begin this class. In class, we'll start teaching your puppy basic good manners (like sit, wait, attention, settle, come, walking on a leash) and learn how to resolve the challenges of puppyhood (including housetraining, nipping, jumping). Start your puppy off sooner rather than later, and from the comfort of your own home!
  • Each Online Puppy Life Skills Group Class will run for 6 consecutive weeks on the same day and time.
  • The class runs up to 60 minutes weekly, and requires access to a hands-free device, like a computer, and a video camera.
  • Puppies must be 2 to 5 months old on the first day of class.
  • There must be at least one adult present for the duration of each class.
Online Group Classes offer many benefits:
  • Convenient
  • Structured Learning
  • Personalized Feedback
  • Sense of community


In-Person Training – Adult Dog Workshop: Basics of Walking on Leash🦴🐾

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Welcome to this In-Person Adult Dog Workshop! This workshop is open to adult dogs ages 12 months and older.

Prerequisite: Dogs participating in this workshop should already be comfortable on a leash. Dogs should NOT have a history of aggression towards other dogs or people.

Concepts covered: loose leash walking basics, turns

Equipment requirements:
6’ Leash
Flat collar or harness
Treat pouch and treats

Participants are required to email with proof of current dog vaccinations to confirm registration for this workshop.