The Santa Fe Animal Shelter is proud to be part of the no-kill movement.  In 2018, the city of Santa Fe was recognized as a no-kill community, and we plan to stay that way – with your help!  But what does it all mean?

What is the definition of “no-kill”?

The generally accepted definition is that a shelter is “no-kill” if its live release rate is 90% or greater.  That means that 90% or greater of the animals that come into the shelter leave through adoption, return to their guardians, or transfer to another shelter or rescue.  Our live release rate is around 94%, and we meet all qualifications of a no-kill shelter.

What about the other percent?

At our shelter, euthanasia is reserved for animals that are considered dangerous or are suffering from a medical or behavioral condition that cannot be controlled to a reasonable quality of life. There are no time limits for animals at our shelter. Animals remain available for adoption as long as they remain physically and mentally healthy.  However, it is important to have the option of humane euthanasia for those that are suffering.

Are all no-kill shelters the same?

There are many types of shelters and rescues out there.  Some are closed admission, meaning they only take in animals when they have space and they hand select which animals they accept.  Others are open admission, meaning they take all animals, no matter what.  The Santa Fe Animal Shelter is an open-admission shelter, which means we accept all companion animals from our service area.  While we attempt to manage the intake of animals by scheduling them to come in as space is available, we will always take an animal in urgent need of a safe place.

How can you support the no-kill movement?

It is estimated that over 4,000 cats and dogs are euthanized in America’s shelters each day.  Although that number has come down significantly from 30 years ago, it is still unacceptable.  The solution is multi-faceted and includes accessible spay/neuter programs, trap-neuter-return programs for community cats, removing obstacles to adoption, and programs to help keep pets in their homes through medical and behavioral assistance.  The Santa Fe Animal Shelter offers all of these programs and more.  Please consider making a donation today to support our no-kill work.