Critter Camp 2020!

Does your child want to learn more about our work with homeless animals?

Critter Camp is created for youth, ages 6-13, who have a passion for animals and desire to learn about the human-animal connection. During each session, Campers will participate in activities and conversations with professionals both from the Shelter and the greater community. There will also be plenty of time for socializing our adoptable pets and seeing the daily operations of the Shelter.

Pup Tent Camp for youth aged 6-7, introduces children to humane education with a focus on kindness and superheroes in the animal community. This camp includes 3 half days per session.

Beginner Camp allows children the chance to learn about animals in the Shelter, their homes and neighborhoods.

Session I (Ages 8-9): Campers will learn about proper pet care, animal behavior and bite prevention. The concept of compassion will guide the Campers as they learn in a 2-day Camp.

Session II (Ages 10-13): Campers will learn about empathy while seeing Shelter operations and how the Shelter works together with the community. Sessions are either 2, 3 or 5 days.

Advanced Camp is scheduled at the end of summer and is for previous Campers, aged 10-13, who have a strong interest in animal welfare. These 5-day sessions are built on investigative skills, critical thinking, and animal advocacy.

Ready to apply for a place in Critter Camp? Click here:  I am ready to Apply!

Spring Break Camps

March 16-20  Beginner Camp: Session II $300

Summer Camps

June 8-10   Pup Tent Camp (half days) $150

June 18-19 Beginner Camp: Session I $150

June 22-26 Beginner Camp: Session II  $300

July 6-10    Advanced Camp $300

July 20-24  Advanced Camp $300

Winter Break Camps 2020!

December 28-29  Beginner Camp: Session I $150


If your child is between the ages of 14-18 and wishes to participate, they can apply to be a Critter Camp Counselor. For a description of this position and consideration for this opportunity, please visit the link below:
I want to be a Camp Counselor!

For more information about Critter Camp, contact the Volunteer Coordinator at or call (505) 983-4309 x. 1128. Additional information can also be found in the online application.

*All sessions are limited to 10 participants with a minimum of 6 Campers. Session I of Beginner Camp is not a prerequisite for Session II, however, Session II is required before attending Advanced Camp.