Santa Fe Animal Shelter occasionally has cats that don’t qualify as adoption candidates but still need dependable care. Barn living is the perfect scenario for free-roaming cats that thrive in an outdoor setting but need the same basic care as a house cat.

Interested parties should understand there are some basic care and housing guidelines they must agree to before obtaining a barn cat from the shelter:

• The cat must be enclosed in an outbuilding or barn for 2-3 weeks while they adjust to their new surroundings.
• They must have access to clean water and be fed on a daily basis.
• They must have a permanent shelter from the elements.
• Give the cat space while he or she becomes comfortable in their new home.
• A litter box should be provided for the cat during the adjustment period.

Free-roaming, or community cats, do not seek out human interaction. These felines may appear to be aggressive. Over time it is possible that barn cats will become more socialized to you and your home, however, it should not be expected. For more information about our Barn Cat program please contact our Admissions desk at 505.983.4309 ext. 1606.