Animals Needing Foster Care

ANIMALS DON’T KNOW HOW TO SPELL, but they understand “foster” means love. Start here.

Current fosters, please contact to care for any of the below

Get some sugar for this spice

A dog-free household is needed for Serrano to help discover her less-spicy side. A volunteer favorite, this girl is starting to show poorly in the kennel, and we’d like to know how much of that is related to shelter stress. A few weeks away from here could show us what kind of home can help her toward future success. She needs a physically strong foster with German shepherd smarts, patience, and time to dedicate to this intelligent, energetic girl.

Who doesn’t love a Dumpling?

This mama dog has her paws full with six puppies. They’re all very cute, and she’s a great mom. Dumpling is a little nervous about the environment at the shelter, though, and who can blame her? We do our best, but it’s not the most cozy place to raise a family. They need vaccines on May 22 and again on May 31, when they can probably be separated from mom. If you can’t foster, can you at least share the post? 

Eclipse hesitancy with unconditional love

Luna and her five-week-old kittens need fostering together until about May 31.

Mama’s a little nervous and hissy and growly, but she allows handling of her kittens and we think she could learn to trust people that way.

The babies are due for vaccines May 23.

Be a safe harbor in Stormie seas

We’d love to get a situation lined up for shy, nervous Stormie here (black and white puppy, hiding behind her friend).

She needs a place where she can learn some confidence and life skills, and a home with a calm dog might be great to help her with that.

She’s seven months old and done with her puppy shots.

“You got to put your behind in your past.” – Pumbaa

Pumbaa seems to suffer separation anxiety and is wound up by other dogs. He needs a foster home with a lot of conditions, and we’ll try to match his tenacity in our search. The first is an almost saintly amount of patience. It would be good if his foster doesn’t work away from home a lot. Probably a dog-less home would be best. This former stray needs time to settle down. Maybe a lot of time.

We also try to be tenacious with the truth. Pumbaa was returned from an adoptive home for destructive behavior likely caused by his anxiety. He broke out of a crate and destroyed two TVs. He’s a jumpy, mouthy, aroused dog. He has chewed through a leash here.

He also seems sweet, and we’d love to see a foster help him put his past behind him. As Pumbaa also said,  “Well, you know what they say: ‘When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” Doesn’t he look ready? On Pumbaa’s behalf, we’re all waiting for that teacher to appear. 


Learn to save the tiniest lives

Kitten season is upon us, and we need bottle feeder fosters on a moment’s notice to care for little orphans like these. The work can be tiring and sometimes difficult, but endlessly rewarding as you become the start of a life-long story.

New Hope provides instruction, supplies, and memories to last a lifetime.