Pet Loss Support

Working through Your Grief

Bonding with a pet is an amazing and wonderful life event. When that time ends, you may face strong or painful feelings. At times you may feel there is no one who truly understands what you are experiencing. The Santa Fe Animal Shelter offers its support to you and your family by hosting this support group, a place you are free to express those feelings and begin to heal with others who understand.

Members are encouraged to share pictures, videos and stories for healing and celebrating the lives of our pets with people who really understand the value of an animal companion. Members are here to support each other through the grief process, creating a positive place for insight and encouragement.

Our group is hosted by a SFAS Volunteer with knowledge of facilitating, but is not a licensed clinical therapist or psychologist. Their role is to offer peer support and insight from their own personal perspective.

There is no fee to join, but donations are thankfully accepted and ensure the continuation of these meetings.

Group’s Purpose

Our group’s purpose is to provide an open-to-all, safe, shared space for pet guardians and friends working through the loss or anticipated loss of a special pet.

How and When to Join

We welcome new members from Santa Fe and other communities in New Mexico who need an empathetic ear from others having similar experiences with pet loss.

Currently, all meetings are being held online through Zoom. You can use the video or call-in feature to join the group. However, we suggest you enable the video option so you can fully engage yourself with the other members, see their photos/videos and screenshare your own mementos. A few minutes before the session begins, click the “Join Meeting” button near the top right of this page. Meetings will last 60-90 minutes and time is dependent on the number of attendees.

Group Code

    • We respect that everyone’s grief process is different, taking differing amount of time.
    • We create a safe space for all and we will not bully or mock others.
    • We know that everyone deserves a chance to be heard. We understand sharing time may be limited, depending on number of attendees.
    • We agree to hold names and members in confidence, not sharing personal information with others outside our group.


The Santa Fe Animal Shelter makes no representations to the effectiveness of this support group in your personal grieving process. We are providing this Volunteer-organized group as a safe space where individuals sharing a similar experience can come together in support, for words of advice and for an understanding ear.  We encourage validation and questions so discussion can be productive.

Have questions? We would love to help. Get in touch with us by email at  or phone at (505) 983-4309 x. 1128.


Our Meeting for February 3rd has been cancelled. Our apologies for any inconveniences.