Solidified Remains

We have partnered with Parting Stone, a local company, to offer Solidified Remains as an option for your beloved pet post-cremation.  Parting Stone picks up the cremains from our facility, takes them to their facility for processing, and then returns the end product for you to pick up at the shelter.

Why Purified Remains?

Frequently Asked Questions about Solidified Remains & Parting Stone

How can I be sure I am getting my pets remains back?

Parting Stone is a company of pet lovers and understands your concern. Every set of remains they receive is labeled and tracked throughout the entire processing. They have individualized equipment for each step of the process and the ashes are never mingled. A single Parting Stone technician handles your pet’s remains throughout the process.

Where and how are my pet’s remains transported?

Parting Stone is a Santa Fe business and will pick up your pet’s remains from the animal shelter and return them there. Their processing lab is in Santa Fe and they will care for your pet’s remains as if they were their pet’s remains.

How does Parting Stone turn the remains into stones, what are they actually doing?

Parting Stone worked with Los Alamos National Lab to develop the process to create Scattering Stones solidified remains. They refine the cremated remains, add a small amount of binder (glass) and superheat the remains. You receive back the essence of your pet in a form that you can hold, share, scatter, display, or bury.

How long will it take to get my Scattering Stones?

It will take up to 2 weeks for the shelter to cremate your pet, and then about a week more for Parting Stone to process and return Scattering Stones solidified remains.

How long will Scattering Stones last?

Scattering Stones look, feel, and behave like stones.  They can be broken with a hammer, but otherwise will last much longer than you or I.

I am concerned about the environment – is this better?

Solidified Remains are much gentler for scattering than cremated remains.  Cremated remains can damage delicate ecosystems, but Scattering Stones look, feel, and behave like stones and don't damage or change the ecosystem at all.