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Together, over the last month, we’ve watched a devastating virus take up space in our bodies, hearts, and minds. Yet family bonds are stronger than ever before. In a world that can be overwhelming and unpredictable, our relationships with our pets provide comfort and joy. We need them more than ever, and that is why today, tomorrow, and always, we will continue to fight for the animals we love and cherish.

Despite an increase in stray and surrendered animals in 2019, we maintained our no-kill status with a 94% live release rate. We took in over 600 animals from other shelters in New Mexico, reducing stress on communities hit the hardest by overpopulation and lack of shelter space. We are turning a new leaf on what it means to care for the thousands of lost, injured, stray, and abandoned animals in need of help.

Your gifts save lives. Please consider giving today so that we can continue to save lives, support animals, and spread compassion each and every day. Rise up on behalf of the vulnerable animals currently in our care and those that will need us in the upcoming unpredictable months.

Donate $100 or more and we’ll send you wildflower seeds to rise up and bloom in your springtime garden!

With gratitude,

Dr. Jennifer Steketee
Executive Director

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