Thanks to you we are that much closer

Dear Friend of the Shelter,

As you may recall, a few months ago we shared our fundraising goal with you. This year, we need to raise 2015 Fundraising Goal
$3 million to save as many lives as possible and cover the cost of providing the level of care you have come to expect. Thanks to your incredible support, in the first seven months of this year, you and others like you, have helped us raise $1.46 million. We are blown away by your generous support!

But we still need your help. There’s a simple reason why it costs so much to keep the lights on at the Shelter: Homeless animals never stop coming in. Our spay/neuter initiatives are top priority and we offer low-cost and even free spay/neuter surgery on a weekly basis but until we get there, companion animals in our community depend on us – and on you.

When it comes to the animals in our care, we do what is necessary, no matter what. Sometimes this requires expensive medical procedures and hours of behavioral work. In the past, there were many animals we couldn’t save, simply because we didn’t have the financial resources. But you have stood beside us and let us know that every animal deserves individualized care and a chance at love.

We know you believe in our work and we simply cannot do it without your help. When you invest in your hometown Shelter, you are investing in one of the most progressive shelters in the nation. If you are curious to see how this work is being done, please call me for a visit so that you can see first-hand the highly detailed and efficient techniques we are using to save more lives than ever before.

We need your help to cover all our expenses in 2015 so that every homeless animal in our community has more than a second chance for a healthy, happy life and a loving family. We can’t do this work without you. Thank you for being such an important part of our Shelter family

With deepest gratitude,
Evelyn Viechec
Director of Growth
Santa Fe Animal Shelter

Office: 505-795-7390; Cell: 505-629-2037; Email:

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