Santa Fe Animal Shelter provides assistance to pet guardians in the Santa Fe area. Our goal is to ensure that you have the best tools possible to nurture a lifelong relationship with your pet. To assist you toward that goal, we offer several behavior and training services.

We provide:

We are excited to offer in-person training classes and workshops.  COVID-safe practices are in place.  You will receive an email outlining these practices upon registration.

We are happy to continue offering online training classes, more info here.

Are you having behavior problems with your dog or cat? We are here to help! You can call us at (505) 983-4309 ext. 1251 or email us at

¿Tiene ud. una problema de conducta con su mascota? Estámos aquí para ayudarle! Llámanos (505) 983-4309 ext. 1251 o escríbenos por correo electrónico

For tips on bringing home a new dog or cat, check out 10 Tips for Dog Adopters and  10 Tips for Cat Adopters