Compassion Services

Euthanasia and Cremation

Losing your best friend is one of the most difficult things for animal lovers. We understand your loss and are there for you before, during and after humane euthanasia.

The Santa Fe Animal Shelter offers euthanasia and cremation services by our Shelter Clinic team at the Shelter’s main campus. Please call 505-983-4309 ext. 1606 for available times at the Shelter.  Please enter through our Admissions Building.

The Shelter also offers at-home euthanasia services by appointment only from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. To arrange for an at-home euthanasia with one of our veterinarians, please call 505-819-3464.  Please note that at-home euthanasia is not currently available due to COVID.


  • Euthanasia service in your home: $200 in Santa Fe city limits (includes optional transport of body back to the shelter for cremation). Out-of-city at-home euthanasia services may incur additional mileage fees.   Please note that at-home euthanasia is not currently available due to COVID.
  • Euthanasia at the shelter while you are present: $65  Currently not available due to COVID restrictions.
  • Euthanasia at the shelter without you being present: $55  During COVID restrictions, we will collect your pet from your car and compassionately euthanize it inside while you wait.  We understand this may be difficult for you and absolutely sympathize with the situation.  We are following instructions from the governor's office.


We offer private and communal cremation services. If you wish to pick up your pet’s cremains, they will be available within 1-2 weeks. If you do not wish to pick up your pet’s cremains, we will dispose of the cremains respectfully.
Here are the following price options:

Communal Cremations fees (no cremains returned to pet guardian):

  • Under 25 pounds: $50
  • 26-75 pounds: $70
  • 76-125 pounds: $100

Private Cremations fees (only your pet’s cremains returned, in a tin urn):

  • Under 25 pounds: $100
  • 26-75 pounds: $130
  • 76-125 pounds: $190

Solidified Remains:

We have partnered with Parting Stone, a local company, that can take your pet's cremains and turn them into Solidified Remains.  The purification process transforms standard cremains into beautiful stones that can be kept or scattered.  For more information about Solidified Remains, click here.

Cost for Solidified Remains (in addition to private cremation fees above):

  • Cats: $245
  • Dogs: $295

Have animal cremains that you are interested in having turned into Solidified Remains?  You can work directly with Parting Stone here.

Honor a Life, Save a Life:

Honor of the pets we love, the pets we’ve lost, and those we’ve yet to meet, the Santa Fe Animal Shelter has revamped a Pet Memorial Labyrinth, located at the shelter. With a $100 gift, we will create a personalized heart-shaped tag with your pet's name on it that will be displayed all year long on the labyrinth wall. The keepsake will read: Supporting SFAS in memory of (your pet's name)

If you would like to purchase a personalized tag, please click here.  The gift will support the mission of the Santa Fe Animal Shelter of supporting animals, saving lives, and spreading compassion.

Clay paw prints are also available for $20.  We will make an imprint of your pet's paw and have the paw print available at the time of cremains pick-up.