Become a Volunteer

Our volunteer team is a robust blend of people from places all over the world. Having this much diversity and experience means we also need a diverse volunteer program to engage the skills and abilities of our team. We have over 30 volunteer roles across programs that include work at the Shelter, Spay & Neuter clinic, Cat Resale Stores, and in the Santa Fe community. 

Volunteering is about giving and finding a path that makes you happy. We are here to make sure your experience is a positive and meaningful one. We provide video, web-based and hands-on training to make you more confident and able to work with our special population of pets. A great team of co-volunteers and staff will help you on your way!

Volunteer Requirements: 

• Must be 16 years or older for most roles. Volunteers 12 to 15 and their chaperones can contact or find more info here. 

• Those wanting to handle animals must attend specific handling classes provided by the Shelter.

• Applicants must be able and willing to follow organizational policies for the safety and well-being of the animals and other people.

• You have the option of purchasing a new volunteer apron for $10, which you may take home; communal aprons will be provided if you do not wish to purchase one.

• Show your volunteer pride and encourage community engagement with some snazzy merch! 

Volunteer Application Process:

• Register in Better Impact, our Shelter’s volunteer scheduling software.

•  Discover dozens of volunteer activities in the Opportunities tab of your MyImpactPage.

• You are welcomed as a SFAS volunteer, a vital part of the care and enrichment of our Shelter pets! All volunteers are automatically qualified to foster our most vulnerable residents. Shelter outside the shelter. 

• For questions about volunteering, contact For questions about fostering in particular, contact 

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