Low-cost or free spay/neuter help is available for every animal. Find out how you can keep your pet healthy and happy and cut down on animal overpopulation.


Lost your beloved buddy? Start here to see if your pet is waiting for you at the shelter, along with tips about how to find your missing animal companion right away.


Find your perfect match! All shelter animals are spayed or neutered and microchipped before leaving and receive the required age-appropriate vaccines.

PLEASE NOTE: All shelter campus extensions have changed! Please put the digit 1 in front of any old Shelter extension.

Don’t miss our featured video: #AdoptABacheolor. If only every adoption were this dramatic!!

Stewart, a handsome dog bachelor, continues on his journey to find a forever home. The Santa Fe Animal Shelter houses some of the most eligible animal bachelors and bachelorettes in the world. Come visit, fall in love and adopt!


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