Behavior and
Training Resources

Behavior and Training Libraries

Santa Fe Animal Shelter has a comprehensive behavior and training library, including tips for finding a trainer and bringing home a new cat or dog. We’ve also provided links to other libraries and training resources to help you and your pet build and maintain a loving bond.

If your pet is displaying concerning behaviors like fear, stress or aggression, we recommend that you establish care with a certified trainer and a veterinarian to try and address the behavior issues. There are some medications, forms of mental stimulation, and calming collars, scents, supplements and treats that may help.

If you live in Santa Fe County or City and need financial assistance for veterinary care, please please get in touch with our CASA Program at 505.983.4309 ext. 1606.


Check out this resource for rabbits.

GoodPup Training

Santa Fe Animal Shelter is proud to partner with GoodPup! Dogs learn best in familiar, comfortable environments with few distractions, so GoodPup training happens at home. Short, focused sessions allow your dog to concentrate, and guided daily practice quickly cements new skills. Meet with a top-rated, expert dog trainer each week, on 1-1 video calls, while learning essential skills that solve any unwanted dog behavior. Best of all, anyone who adopts a dog from Santa Fe Animal Shelter will receive 1 free week of dog training, plus 10% off for life on future activity. In addition, GoodPup will make a donation to our shelter!