Sponsor An Animal

Sponsoring an animal is one of the greatest ways to make an impact in the lives of animals at the Santa Fe Animal Shelter. When you sponsor an animal, you become a hero to one special shelter resident who will have a brighter future, thanks to you.


Choosing to sponsor an animal is for everyone! Whether you’re a volunteer, community member, or even a staff member, we have plenty of homeless animals that need support. Even schools, groups, or classrooms have raised money to sponsor an animal.

The impact of just one sponsorship goes a long way, too! On average it costs $1,609 for each animal that gets care from the shelter including food, enrichment, and medical care like vaccines and spay or neuter surgeries. Sponsorships can also bring much needed attention to animals and help get them out of the shelter sooner, creating more space for others in need.

To sponsor an animal, please call our Adoptions Desk at 505.983.4309 ext. 1610.

We have several options for people who would like to sponsor an animal:

Bronze Sponsorship

Sponsor an animal’s adoption for one month at $150, excluding Shelter Heros. These animals will have signs on their kennels indicating that their adoption fee is waived. After the sponsorship expires, the animal can be re-sponsored.

Silver Sponsorship

For $400, your name or business will be included on the animal’s adoption summary indicating that thanks to your generosity, the adoption fee is waived for potential adopters! Silver Sponsorships run for one month.

Gold Sponsorship

Make an even bigger impact! The $1,150 sponsorship fee supports the potential adoption of one of our residents through special social media shout outs, which includes you, their very own hero! The sponsor’s name will also be included on the animal’s kennel.